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Day of Advocacy

Make the commitment to join Equality NC for a Day of Advocacy on Tuesday, May 17, in Raleigh

Your participation will not only raise our voices at the North Carolina General Assembly, but it will also equip fair-minded folks just like you with the skills and tools necessary to advocate for LGBT Equality in your local communities. By registering , we can group you with others in your area and schedule visits to the officials who represent you. This way you'll have strength in numbers and be able to tell your legislators what issues matter to you, their constituents.

Become a voice for LGBT North Carolinians

Take a day off from work and come to Raleigh to organize, plan, and work for Equality with your friends at Equality NC. Bring your own friends, family, or coworkers to this momentum-building event. Thank your legislators, or hold them accountable, for the votes they took and will take. Then, meet back to share your experiences before taking these conversations home to organize and mobilize your community to take action.

Work for Equality like never before

We are organizing this year's Day of Advocacy as a day of action featuring all-new training sessions to build your skills in our collective efforts to promote statewide LGBT visibility and protect North Carolina's LGBT workers. These skills will be invaluable as you head back to your local communities and galvanize our shared state into action to work for Equality in 2016 and beyond.

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